Lesson 2

Lesson 2: Variables and Datatypes in C# With Programming Examples


Learn about Variables and Data Types in C#
How to use Variables and Data Types in Program
List of all Data Types with Examples

What this Lesson includes:

Variables and Data Types are the two most basic tool set for C# programming or even any programming. If you don't have sound knowledge of these two basic blocks of programming you will get always difficulties in solving programming problem. You must concentrate to clear these sections. However, it is very easy to learn variables and data types. In the next lesson we will understand all the data types with the help of programming examples. As we promised to make you a perfect programmer, we focus more on programming than theory.


1. Variables10. ulong
2. Data Types11. float
3. byte12. double
4. sbyte13. decimal
5. short14. char
6. ushort15. string
7. int16. bool
8. uint17. object
9. long